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Fire! April 16, 2011

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The fire outside San Angelo was at its worst point yesterday. On Tuesday the wildfire started but firemen were able to contain it after several hours of work. Yesterday we were not so lucky. The fire went from being almost 100% contained to being 0% contained.
Here is a picture of the smoke on Tuesday:


The clouds are clouds of smoke.
This next picture is one of the street in front of the university that I took earlier yesterday morning with smoke on campus:


I’m not sure if you can tell just how hazy it was but we could barely see houses down the street. Unfortunately it had only gotten worse as the day wore on. Some people were evacuated and several of the main roads leading North of San Angelo were closed. Also, there seemed to be no relief from the smoke anywhere.

Some roads (namely 208) are still closed and here is a picture of the fires around San Angelo yesterday:

SJT is San Angelo. The wildcat fire is still about 10 miles outside of town. For the most up to date information please visit the Active Fire Maps site.

Praying for rain,