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Being Human April 18, 2011

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Recently I fell in love with a little tv show called Being Human.

I know it is one of those many BBC imports that regularly fail with American audiences (ie. Coupling or Life on Mars) but this one should remain popular for at least a couple of seasons. If you have not heard of this show it came on Syfy on Mondays at 8 central (I say “came on” since this season ended last week). This was a surprisingly good remake because they made the show with engaging characters and fabulous story lines and it was not forced into the “British show” mold many remakes are.

So, the gist of the series is that a man, Josh, is turned into a werewolf and needs help adjusting back into the real world. This is where his new friend the vampire, Aiden, comes in. Josh meets Aiden and, since Aiden had been undead since the Revolutionary War, he decides to take Josh under his wing.

They decide to rent a house together and in that house they find a ghost, Sally. Sally is still adjusting to being dead but since both Josh and Aiden can see her she doesn’t feel so alone.

There is murder, mayhem and massive amounts of blood throughout this first season. I love that the vampires, except of course Aiden, drink blood from humans and that the werewolves only change during a full moon. These characters stay pretty close to the classic tales about vampires, werewolves and ghosts; so if you like your vampires softer and your werewolves to remember what they did in wolf form then this series is probably not for you.

Well, I won’t go any further into the plot because I don’t want to give any more away, but suffice it to say this series is definitely worth watching.

Now I know I should see the BBC version so I can say just how bad this series actually is, but I’m not sure I want to just yet. I’m enjoying being oblivious to the original version because usually the remake does not live up to the original (Death at a Funeral anyone?). So for the next few seasons I’m going to be happily engaged in the American series and try not to think about what I am sure I’m missing by refusing to see the BBC series.

Happy Haunting!