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Quick Biscuit Doughnuts with Chocolate Kahlua Glaze January 11, 2012

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Last month I found a recipe for doughnuts that can be made whenever you feel like it. No waiting to proof or having to let them rest before frying them up. These are the kind of recipes that I adore. So simple I couldn’t believe that I had not thought of it before. There is only one ingredient for the doughnuts themselves and the chocolate glaze is at least three ingredients. That’s all. So easy my husband could make them without help. Here is the recipe:


1 10 count can of Biscuits (anything except flaky biscuits, I like the Texas Style Biscuits myself)
Oil for Frying (I like Vegetable Oil)

1/4-1/2 c. Powdered Sugar
2-3 tbsp. Chocolate Powder
3-5 tbsp. Kahlua/Milk

Separate biscuits and punch a hole out of the middle. I used the large end of a piping tip to get the holes in the doughnuts.

Heat about 1 inch of oil in a frying pan. You can test the oil with a doughnut hole. Oil is at a good temperature when bubbles form around the dough.

When oil is hot enough, add doughnuts (make sure not to crowd the pan) and fry to a golden brown. Fry up the doughnut holes as well.

The ingredients for the glaze should be mixed to your taste. If you don’t want to use Kahlua just use milk.

Dip the doughnuts in the glaze once cooled a bit and then enjoy!

These doughnuts are so easy and delicious I plan to make them again and again.



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